Tibetan Singing Bowls

$20 Each!

Small 3-4 Inch Etched Bowl

#53333 Only

Dugway Geodes

20% Off!!

Unique Geodes From Utah!

Creativity ~ Serenity ~ Stability

Salt Lamps

$20 Each!

Amazing Health Benefits!

Ocean Jasper

10% Off

August Stone of the Month

Topical CBD

10% Off!

Great For Muscle Aches & Joint Pain!


25% OFF

Beautiful Painted Designs in Metal & Wood!


All Soaps

10% Off

Wonderful Scents For Everyone! 

Solid Color Dresses & Rompers

10% Off!

Comfortable, Cute & Great For Layering! *Select Styles Only

Raku Keepsakes

25% Off

Each Piece is Hand Made With Love!

New Weekly Sales Begin Every Thursday!

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