Thursday March 26th 6:30-7:30pm

J o i n U s … 🍃🌻🌱
at Eyes Of The World Imports for a meditative Sound Bath 🕉

Music has been used for its therapeutic effects for thousands of years.

✨Relax and ‘bathe’ in the sound waves produced by the human voice, as well as chimes ~ tongue drum ~ crystal and Tibetan singing bowls ~ handpan ~ shakers ~ rainstick & other natural sounds.

🕉 The ambient atmosphere intentionally created by a facilitator is meant to guide attendees to a deep meditative state where they can relax, let go of stress and expand their consciousness by tuning into sound. And not just by listening, but by absorbing with the whole body and spirit 🙏✨🙏

🕉 Our sound facilitator is Nick Serrano, who has been a talented musician, spiritual warrior, meditator, & most recently a sound therapist in our sound baths … for many years collectively.

🕉 Total relaxation is possible in this soothing and safe environment.

Thursday March 26th ~ 6:30-7:30pm

Wear ~ comfy clothing & slip off shoes.
Bring ~ Yoga mat & a pillow
Cost ~ $10 prepay up to March 20th @ Eyes Of The World Imports ~
1576 W.Grove St
$13 March 21st – 26th at EOTWI.

Eyes Of The World Imports
25 Years in Boise !
Ph ~ 208-331-1212
Space is limited ~ laying down or chair seating options.